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Bill Has made a number of his own songs and well known folksongs available for your listening pleasure.

note: If you have problems downloading these files, try this:
If using Netscape, you need to right-click (Mac users control-click) and click on 'save link as'.
If using Explorer, do the same and click on 'download link to disk'.

    Latest edition!!
      Caffeine Kick MP3 (128kbps, 3 Mb)  
    Album: My Past, My Heart
      One Guitar MP3 (96kbps, 3 Mb)  
      Lovely Cairo MP3 (96kbps, 4 Mb)  
    Folk Songs
      Muleskinner Blues MP3 (96kbps, 3.7 Mb)  
      Buffalo Skinners MP3 (96kbps, 3.7 Mb)  
      John Henry MP3 (96kbps, 3.2 Mb)  
    Childrens Songs
      Hush Little Baby MP3 (96kbps, 1 Mb)  
      Skip To My Lou MP3 (96kbps, 2.1 Mb)  
      Sweet Little Jesus Boy MP3 (96kbps, 3.7 Mb)